2020/02  恭喜林武塋獲2020中華民國物理年會壁報論文優等

​2019/09  恭喜游薇獲第39屆台灣顯微鏡年會論文壁報競賽佳作

2017/08  恭喜林韋廷、楊濰慈碩士畢業

2019/03  ​​恭喜周苡嘉老師榮獲台灣傑出女科學家新秀獎

2019/01  恭喜林韋廷獲2019中華民國物理年會壁報論文佳作


2018/01  恭喜林芳宜獲2018中華民國物理年會壁報論文優等

2017/12  ​​恭喜周苡嘉老師榮獲IBM Faculty Award

2017/08  恭喜張阡、朱珮瑜、楊智強、鄒勝傑碩士畢業


Our work with Prof J. J. Lin and Dr. C. C. Tsuei on "Ultralow 1/f Noise in a Heterostructure of  Superconducting Epitaxial Cobalt Disilicide Thin Film on Silicon" has been published on ACS Nano.

2017/01 恭喜楊智強獲 2016 JEOL Image Contest 年度最佳TEM影像獎

Congratulations to Chih-Chaing Yang, the Grand Prize TEM Winner in 2016 JEOL Image Contest!

View here:

2016/12 恭喜楊智強獲 JEOL Image Contest 2016 12月最佳影像獎

Congratulations to Chih-Chaing Yang, the December 2016 Best Image Winner!

2016/08 恭喜黃智盟、吳可勵、蘇誠洲碩士畢業






We visualize atomic level dynamics during Si nanowire growth using aberration corrected environmental transmission electron microscopy, and compare with lower pressure results from ultra-high vacuum microscopy. We discuss the importance of higher pressure observations for understanding growth mechanisms and describe protocols to minimize effects of the higher pressure background gas.
















The work has been published in ChemComm"Nanowire growth kinetics in aberration corrected environmental transmission electron microscopy".


2016/04 恭喜蘇誠洲、吳可勵等獲電物系52周年系慶專題研究壁報競賽

     研究生組 優良壁報獎

2016/01 恭喜蘇誠洲、吳可勵等獲2016中華民國物理年會壁報論文佳作

2015/08 恭喜葉宣靈、葉子聖碩士畢業



We demonstrate the concept by epitaxially incorporating metal silicide nanocrystals into Si nanowires with defect-free interfaces, and discuss how this process can be generalized to create complex nanowire-based heterostructures.








The work "Synthesis of nanostructures in nanowires using sequential catalyst reactions" has been published in Nature Materials.







We report the effect of strain fluctuation on epitaxial growth of silicide in a Si nanowire via point contact and atomic layer reactions, and we discuss the thermodynamic, kinetic, and mechanical implications during the kinetic process of phase transformation.








The work "Effect of elastic strain fluctuation on atomic layer growth of epitaxial silicide in Si nanowires by point contact reactions" has been published in Nano Letters.


           恭喜專題生黃夢堯 錄取數所美國研究所博士班


Congratulations to our member, Miss Meng-Yao Huang, for receiving the admission and full-scholarship to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) at U.S.A.


2015/02 恭喜陳佩玟碩士畢業

2014/06 恭喜吳攸彌獲科技部大專生研究計畫補助




We measured the local kinetics in situ as each atomic plane was added at the catalyst-nanowire growth interface by VLS rocess. During growth of GaP nanowires at typical V/III ratios, we found surprising fluctuations in growth rate, even under steady growth conditions. We correlated these fluctuations with the formation of twin defects in the nanowire, and found that these variations can be suppressed by switching to growth conditions with a low V/III ratio. A growth model has been reported here.













The work "Atomic-Scale Variability and Control of III-V Nanowire Growth Kinetics" has been published in Science.



We have openings for highly motivated members to work with us!

We have PhD student positions for analytical TEM/STEM. 


Our research interests include


1. phase transformation and growth of low-dimensional semiconductor nanomaterials including Si, Ge based nanostructures, III-V materials, nitrides,  silicides/germanides.


2. in situ and high performance transmission electron microscopy including the studies of silicide/germanide formation in nanostructures, kinetics of phase transformation in nanomaterials/nanoheterostructures, and vapor phase reactions.






Dr. Frances Ross (美國MIT 麻省理工)、

Prof. Peter Liaw (University of Tennessee)

Prof. Curtin William ()

Dr. Ko-Tao Lee (美國IBM華生研究中心)、

Prof. Zhen Zhang (瑞典Uppsala University)、​

Prof. K. N. Tu (UCLA)​ 


細節請聯絡周老師 (

For students and postdocs who are interested in our research topics and have interests to join us, please contact Prof. Chou at directly for details.


We are at R603 in the Science Building III at National Chiao Tung University . (Map地圖)





Last update: August 2020.

Department of Electrophysics in College of Science

National Chiao Tung University

1001 University Road, Hsinchu City, Taiwan. 

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